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    Many of us remember the experiences years ago when we associating at the inspection station for a vehicle inspection. You would register at the station's "service desk" with your hat in your hand. The exchange could not be described as a service. The staff almost scolded their "customers" and then you had to wait for the inspection in your car outside. Sometimes even for hours.

  Whether you work in a private company or the public sector. Whether your industry is construction, media or healthcare. Whether your employer sells products and services to consumers or businesses. Doesn't matter what, this story concerns you.

  Rio's Olympic games were and went and while writing this the first medalist doping has already been caught. Certain Kyrgyz weights lifter Izzat Artikov has used illegal substances.

     Forecasting has always been challenging. The world history knows countless more of less failed prophecies.

  The structural reform of business, aka. transformaatio is from the digitalization point of view both a mean and a driving force.

  Businesses have intensified actions, thought about marketing, sales and customer service from the digitalization point of view.

   Many organizations are still thinking how to get more out of the current business.

 Managing mobile devices was a topic for discussion for the first time earlier in the millennium, in year 2003. The concept was still unknown for many in the end of the decade.