Smartphone Solutions is a Finnish pioneer in digital business

We provide both high-quality consulting as well as business services and solutions related to digital development.


The development of going digital and related consulting services, as well as applying technology to business processes, is at our core.

Our activities help people think about business-driven digital development within organizations, in order to increase customer value and to ensure the safe operation of data, while providing a pleasant user experience.
Numerous corporate customers, both in Finland and abroad, rely on our services. They are based on customer centricity, agility, high quality services and solutions, and cost-effectiveness.


We started our business in 2004, providing organizations with an end-to-end encrypted push email solution, under the name of SmartMail. During the time, the solution was the 'de facto' market leader in Northern Europe. We always wanted to be pioneers in our industry - even this solution, as well as the implementation of the technology, was ahead of its time.

In 2006, we were the first organization to offer mobile device management as a comprehensive service. Today, while we still want to manage devices, our emphasis is on managing the entire mobility of organizations. This includes things such as the management of devices, applications, and emails, as well as helping with the content management needs of businesses. In addition, we offer a number of digital solutions that make it possible to increase work efficiency and to create a competitive advantage.
Discussion on development within organizations has, correctly, shifted from the "nerdy" department of data administrations to an important business need. How can IT contribute to the working methods and procedures of an organization, allowing it to succeed in global competition? What are the various stages of this process? There are many possible solutions to these questions.
Since 2009, we continued investing in the quality and provision of expert services. Our consulting business began in the strategic development of mobility, as well as technical consulting on systems projects. Today, we want to increase our client's capabilities to advance forward in their digitalization path - starting with the digitalization of customer acquisition, to the automation of marketing, to using multichannel content management systems.
Consumer behavior, technology, and market transformation means that every organization is currently struggling in the throes of this global economic change. New times require new thinking, as well as a renewed way of working. We sincerely want to bring our experience and expertise to helping with our client's digital success.



Our employees are committed to increasing the value provided by our clients by utilizing digital technology. This is done by new ideas and concepts, modern technology, and efficient processes and cooperation. We believe that when our client's value is increased, it is a success for both our client and ourselves.


We have a strong belief in the reforming of practices and tools, increasing work efficiency, and reducing the cost of generating a positive and innovative work environment. In global competition, successful clients will help us succeed as entrepreneurs.


A successful and competent employee is happy in their work. This ensures a successful relationship with a customer, a goal which can be realized via improved practices and labor productivity. When our clients and their customers are smiling, we are smiling with them.

We act responsibly towards all our stakeholders.

This is demonstrated by us receiving Finland's 'Suomen Vahvimmat 2018' certificate from Suomen Asiakastieto.

In English, the direct translation for the certificate is "Finland's Strongest 2018".