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   Intelligence services' mission is ordered to be preventing new terrorist attacks on flights.

The intelligence agencies of the US and the UK have for years had technology in their disposal that allows to listen phone calls and receive vast amounts of other data from fliers' cell phones.

   Businesses don't grow since people don't dare to try as entrepreneurs. The risk avoidance is caused by the difficult economic situation, weakened market views and lack of resources. The report by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation - 'Bottlenecks of Innovation Activities Report' opens up the reasons behind businesses' lack of efforts in innovation.

   Every third (33%) Finnish business lacks a clear digi strategy, according to a report made by software company IFS.

 Manufacturing industry's businesses started to invest approximately 5% of their yearly turnover in digitalization, shows a report by PwC. Digitalization has clearly become a part of also Finnish industrial business' core activities. The creation of a cultural shift and shortage of qualified experts slows down the development in Finland and globally. 

   Digitalization is changing the world, but Finland shouldn't have to worry. As a matter of fact, Finland is the leading country in the world when comparing strengths in exploiting digitalization.

  According to recent study by Market Vision (a member of Gartner), more than half of Finnish companies don't believe digitalization implying to them.

  The bill presented troubles and frightens the companies of Silicon Valley.

  The popular WhatsApp application may also be having disputes with the US authorities.