Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

UPDATED 18.05.2018

Smartphone Solutions (company)
Business ID: 1887955-1

Address: Vihonvuorenkatu 12, 00500, Helsinki, Finland

This privacy policy clarifies how we process personal data in our marketing and customer communication. You have a right for personal data security. We handle personal data only based on lawful basis and in transparent way. We comply with principles and regulations of European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Lawful basis and purpose for processing personal data
We use personal data for company's communication, customer management and for sales and marketing. The lawful basis for processing personal data is legitimate interest, person's consent or customer relationship contract. Company's legitimate interest is targeted B2B direct marketing of products and services. Direct marketing is related to person's area of responsibility in his company.

Handlers of personal data and release of data
People handling personal data are those employees, whose job duties involve processing the data. Also processing personal data are employees authorized to maintain help desk and the technical side of marketing register. Data will not be released to third-parties. Data will not be released outside EU or EEA.

Processed personal data
Personally identifiable information:
Contact details like, name, email address, phone number
Information about job duties like, area of responsibility and title
Employer company's contact details and background
Action information like, participating on an event or a contact from sales or customer service
Possible permissions and consents
Other possible information collected with persons consent
Information about the marketing contents viewed or used by a person (action information):
Information about sent, opened and clicked marketing messages
Information about the actions on company's websites like, time, page and duration
Information about subscriptions and downloads of materials
Gathered information from action details with the help of analytics (derived information):
Lead scores

Preservation time of personal data
We preserve personal data only as long as it is necessary for the original purpose it was collected for, with considering the active legislation. Information about emails and collected content from company's website will be deleted automatically in 18 months after last use.

Regular information sources:
Information registered has informed himself via website, email or other channel

Company's customer register
Contact details from decision-maker register of Suomen Asiakastieto, company's public website, online services or from other comparable registers

Principles of securing the register
Systems used in the register are located in Vine Oy's partners supervised facility in Finland. Facility fulfills the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority's directive for equipment facility (54A/2012M). Register information is only available for the register keeper and other specifically named technical people. Only the named people have the right to handle and maintain the information of register. Users are under professional confidentiality.

Your rights
You have a right to ask for access to personal data concerning yourself. You have a right to withdraw your consent and object the use of your personal data. You have a right to ask for a correction, restriction and deleting of your personal data. Request the forward mentioned actions by emailing to the above-mentioned email address. You have a right to make a complaint to authorities about the processing of personal data.

Updating the privacy policy
We develop our business constantly and therefore we remain the right to change and update this privacy policy by informing about it on our websites. Changes can also be based on the changes in the legislation. We recommend you to regularly get acquainted with the content of privacy policy.

We use cookies on our site. A cookie is a small text file that a web browser saves on a user's device. Cookies do not harm the users' device or files. The primary purpose of cookies is to improve and customize the user experience of visitors to the site as well as analyze and improve the functionality and content of the site. Data collected with the cookies may also be utilized in targeting marketing communications as well as optimizing marketing activities. Visitors to the site cannot be identified with the cookies alone. Data collected with the cookies may however be linked with information obtained by other means, for example when a visitor fills a form on the site. The cookies collect the following data: - IP-address - time and duration of visit - browsed pages - web browser

View all your data
You can here request access to all data we have collected about you. Please fill the form below.