Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is combining mobile devices' and applications' (=apps) so that the achieved goal serves the organization's business the best possible way. 

Every tenth Finn works directly with digital technology, content or communications. As a result of the vast usage and undirect influences digitalization affects ever-growing part of our work and personal lives. 

History with ICT management


Traditionally mobility has been approached from the ICT management's point of view - the approach has been very technical. Still a few years ago some organizations all matters concerning smartphones, SIM cards and first tablets were the responsibility of procurement department or even the organizations property maintenance. Mobile devices so in this case smartphones, were understood as personal work tools / phones that didn't have any common interface with ICT management. 


This approach kept a thought that these devices were predominantly meant for communicating by calling and sending text messages. Interfaces to ICT management or business systems were nonexistent. The usage of applications, aka. apps, was minimal. 


Role change


Today ICT management is perceived having a sufficient understanding about organizations' mobility, especially when mobility is paired with the words 'data security'. On the other hand organizations' digital services can't be entiely thrown on ICT management's or IT department's responsibility.