Mobile Work Environment in an Organization

Mobile work environment in an Organization

The entire Europe is about to fall behind of Asia and USA in the development and exploitation of digitalization.

Digital transition is directing the competition


Digital transition is affecting increasingly on all of our activity in the society. This is seen in both business and public sector. Simultaneously the practices and work environment needs to change. 


Growing international competition forces organizations to renew themselves in a way that hasn't been experienced yet. The end users - whether they are business (B2B) or consumers (B2C) or the company's own workers (B2E), should always be viewed while remembering the needs of the business. 


Technology to support business 


Business requires modern and cost efficient solutions in order to work, employees / end users more free, pleasant and efficient practices - preferrably regardless of place and time. Almost every worker now has their own mobile device, which they want to use in work. The end users / customers require the electronic systems and devices to have good usability and reliability. In the digital world the customer is to a greater extent the king - the centre of all thinking.