Strategy Work in Digitalization

Strategy work in organization -  for example mobile strategy

Mobile strategy is orgnization's long term activity, which helps to introduce and develope mobile devices and software while listening to the views of business and taking into account data security and costs. Mobile strategy emphasizes the operative abilities by increasing the know-how of personnel and the productivity of work with modern technology. 

Finnish businesses leading and using new technologies in the organizations business is modest. Only 2% of the respondents of the survey thought that their organization had a clear strategy and action plan with electronic business, social media, cloud services and IT consumerization. Source: IT barometri 2014. 

Plan for the needs of your Business 

Data and information technology specialists TIVIA ry publishes yearly in December their IT barometri -report. The latest report is from December 2014, where they sum up IT application and leadership followingly: 

"IT application and leadership has been walking in circles in Finland during the seven year history of IT barometri. Finland and Finnish organizations have good technical qualifications and sufficient informational requirements for answering to digitalization. Business is perceiving IT professionals as their companions, which in terms increases the requirements. Organizations' weak abilities to apply and lead IT is forming a growing threat for staying behind."
"Strategic contemplation for exploiting new information technologies is the key to their controlled introduction into business, regardless of the speed it happens." (IT berometri 2013)
Today's information and communications technology has developed at an incredible pace. Smartphones and tablet computers have become common and brought new application ways to either replace or complement the current work processes. Speedy development of technology is enabling also challenges to organizations. 


Dialogue between the business and ICT management 


ICT management's problem is to alongside its other projects to stay on track with the developing mobile technology, not to mention the personnel. Business, respectively, is constantly seraching new ways to exploit technology in their internal and external communications and to stand out from the competition locally and globally. So a productive dialogue betwee business and ICT management is needed. 




Smartphone Solutions have many years of experience of hundreds of organizations and ICT managements in Finland and abroad. With this experience we developed an interactive consulting method to create a business-oriented mobile strategy. The method is derived from many organizations' customer needs and thus is the result after years of development. With the method both business and ICT management are going through work shop practice by exploiting the current and desired state of organization's mobility.