Mobile Content Management

Organization's Mobile Content Management, MCM

Efficient management of content and information 

Mobile content management is an area, which has developed vastly during the last 3-4 years. Mobile conten management means activities, with which companies strive to manage digital information (=content) as appropriately and efficiently as possible regardless of time and place. 

The content might be video, audio and photo files, internet pages, emails or text documents. Common for this information content is that it is in a form that is understandable for people (not just data). 

Majority of the information content is practically text documents. 

What is modern content management?


Modern mobile content management means multi-channelled and data secure access to organization's information content regardless of time and place, taking into account the following areas: 

  • practices that are organization's internal and/or inter organizational business and management processes
  • technology available - especially mobile technology, which is exploited in practices and processes 
  • actors (employees, organizations) that perform the aforementioned processes in practice
  • content that is produced and handles in processes

Mobile technology in this area has developed forward in leaps.


Practical solutions for supporting business are countless - from very different industries. 


In addition to this, today content can be handled 

  • bound to time for example, certain documents are available to read from a desired user group's tablet computer inside a two week period, and after this the information content is deleted from the device automatically
  • bound to a geographical location for example, certain documents are tied to a predetermined location with geolocation - say within a 500 meter radius from the organization's office.