Useful Tips and suggestion for better implementation.

Behind all development and functionality there has to be careful planning?

Digitalization is putting organization to the design table. We have to demand new thought processes from both ICT management and business. We have to get answers to the question "Why?". We shouldn't take any project further without a discussion about the needs of the personnel, business and customers. Whether it is about a small or a bigger project. What is meaningful is to invest in careful planning and dialogue between the business and ICT management straight away from the beginning of the project. This is how the voice of business is heard and the views of ICT management from the different alternatives of modern technology are listened to. 

Sharing files safely - no more problems like Dropbox

Did you know that there is a safe way or sharing files inside your organization? Modern content management gives your organization a user-specific cloud storage space, with which sharing files is not only easy and effortless but also data secure. With this functionality you get to share files for example by creating a separate download link (in which the files are located) to your email. To the link you can add a specific password for opening it, the dates it is available for opening and a desired amount of downloads. The receiver or the emailed download -link don't need any specific software for receiving or opening the sent file. Many organizations have thought alternative solutions for the Dropbox -type cloud services, because the organization-owned information content has been saved to places unknown to the ICT management. 

Bringing own intranet's information content to the mobile personnel - without a third party VPN connection?

We have often received questions about how mobile personnel could gain access to Intranet with tablet computers, not to mention doing it effortlessly? This is possible to implement with modern technology. The wanted Intranet page's address is defiend in the management system as a bookmark to an already-in-use browser, and thus a data secure access to Intranet is formed with the device at hand. All information available in the Intranet is available for mobile personnel after this. 

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