AirWatch EMM By VMware

AirWatch EMM By VMware  - efficient and safe option for focused mobile management.

AirWatch by VMware system presentation and trial of the solution

We offer you professional and free presentation at your own office. Before the presentation we would gladly go through both your technical and business needs to ensure the right approach for your organization. In the same presentation we will show you how your users can utilize AirWatch in their daily work. 

If you wish you can order a free trial of AirWatch for 30 days. We will install the solution so that you can if desired move from the trial version directly to the production environment without any added or surprising costs. 


Safe SaaS solution from cloud - or on-premise

Both installing options are possible. You will get the AirWatch -solution conveniently to your use in the SaaS -service center, where data security is at its finest. If your data security policy however requires the AirWatch -solution being installed directly to your service center, this is also possible. Our certified experts are taking care of all matters related to the installation and you can continue focusing on your business. 

Modular entity - grows with business

Your organization can start off conveniently and with a very light AirWatch solution. AirWatch is flexible to your needs and grows in the same speed with your business. You get the AirWatch solution to your use with a monthly fee without commiting to an upfront payment schedule. In case your licencing amount is changing monthly we will make sure that your licence payment is always in accordance to your usage. We feel that this model is fair and doesn't commit your organization to heavy yearly payments upfront. 

We are certified experts in the industry with many years of experience 

We will contiuously keep up our professionalism with AirWatch and other partners from technology. In addition we wish to bring the views of business into the system level, so your organization can serve your customers even better.