Microsoft Office365

Microsoft Office365 solution summarized

Choose the desired service package:

There is no need to get one you won't be using or one that is not relevant to your business. 

Information technology and the communication tools in use are fitted to your needs - according to your business. 



This entity has Microsoft Office 365 email account equipped with your organization's domain name (email account for example The email account's inbox has plenty of space for messages - always up to 50 gigabytes (the space is not going to be full any time soon). 

In addition the service package has one terabyte (20 times as much as the 50 GB for emails) of storage for your organization's documents and for example photos. 

Business Essential -service package also has video conference functions. This service package is ideal for organizations that already have for example MS Office software for their workstations. 

BUSINESS   PREMIUM  - Service package

This larger entity has in addition to the aforementioned Microsoft Office 365 email account, file and photo storage space and video conference options Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in it. MS Office software can be installed to PC of Mac computers and also to tablets. 

This service package is ideal for an organization that doesn't have the MS Office installed to their workstations. In additin the purchase of this package is supported by the fact that from MS Office sofware the latest and most modern version is always available (if this is important for the quality of work).