17.06.2016 Finland is a world leader in digitalization - But why it doesn't show in business?

   Digitalization is changing the world, but Finland shouldn't have to worry. As a matter of fact, Finland is the leading country in the world when comparing strengths in exploiting digitalization.

This is for the third time the result the digital publication Digibarometri received after comparing different countries on the matter. The publication by Etla is subscribed by, among others, Kaupan liitto (eng. Alliance of Trade), Teknologiateollisuus (eng. Technology industry) and Tekes.

The Barometri published today shows that Finland improved its rank from last year by one level. The comparison of 22 countries is for measuring and clarifying the readiness of citizens, businesses and public administrations  when it comes comes to digitalization using different variables. 

The leading group of countries is known for their success in other country comparisons as well from competetiveness to the quality of life. After Finland the next ranked countries are Norway, Denmark and Sweden. 

The CEO of Etlatieto Petri Rouvinen emphasizes that despite the good ranking, digitalization in Finland is in many parts left as an unexploited opportunity. 

For example, digitalization hasn't yet sprouted new business to the extent it could. The differences in dealing with the change between industries are massive. In Finland banks are leading the shift but for example online stores are in a poor state. 

Because the countries under comparison in Barometri are all developed industrial countries, there shouldn't be that big of a difference in the progression of the change. All countries have an established networks and devices in the office and at home. 

The study provided all kinds of information. For example that from all the businesses found in different municipal areas, the best performance in digitalization was in Ähtäri.