17.08.2016 Every third business are lacking a digi strategy

   Every third (33%) Finnish business lacks a clear digi strategy, according to a report made by software company IFS.

The same report found that four out of five (81%) of the respondents see digitalization rising to become a key factor during the next five years. The same figure feels they need more information on digitalization.


The respondents of the study were asked also what are the most important technologies accelerating digitalization. In the top three most important technologies in Finland rose cloud services, Internet of things and robotics. 3D printing was seen the least important.


The respondents were also unclear of who is the main responsible of digital development in an organization. According to the report by IFS every second respondent named the main responsible being ITC director and every third the CEO. Every fourth named the financial director, every fifth the technology director and every tenth the marketing director. Many of the respondents named more than one responsible, which speaks for the respondents' uncertainty about the question.


International ERP system developer, the software house IFS investigated in the early 2016 the development and growth of digitalization and its drivers in 20 countries. The respondents were 500 decision-makers from different levels of decision-making and different industries like the manufacturing industry, constructing, retail and wholesale and also oil, gas, auto and energy industries.