26.08.2016 Scars creating a tougher skin

  Whether you work in a private company or the public sector. Whether your industry is construction, media or healthcare. Whether your employer sells products and services to consumers or businesses. Doesn't matter what, this story concerns you.

Up to every third of today's Finnish jobs is disappearing. History has seen many lines of work like street sweepers, caretakers, telephonists and janitors disappear. Many other traditional professions have been put on hold at least in the public conversation. Public transport drivers, bank officials, control room employees, sales persons and even lawyers, doctors (artificial intelligence) and pilots are replaceable with a robot or an alternative smart device.


What will we get in return? Mass unemployment or new professions?

I'd put my money on the latter.


And what will happen to the employers? Is Finland going to lose both companies and public organizations?

This will unfortunately happen.


Do we see a polarized work life, where some employees enjoy the benefits of fulltime employment and to some low income and even unemployment is daily life? Will we see incompetent Finns who can't remember their own phone number, can't drive their cars nor navigate with to their homes? A mere swipe is enough.

Let's turn this around. New activities are created in current Finnish companies. Entirely new business ideas and companies are created. Services are provided faster, with lower costs and better quality (this scenario is naturally very optimistic).

Finland and Finns have a tremendous opportunity to lift our professional capability and skill set to a whole new level in digitalization (there's the word finally). This way both our employees and organizations will do better in the global competition than in the world of manual labor. The world where also the work of Finns has moved into countries of lower labor costs.

The above-described change is not and won't be easy. It requires a lot of learning new, re-educating, humble attitude and also failures and frustration. On the other hand this change has a lot of positivity in it: with learning we get new jobs, new business, new power, which end result is more business than before the change. Fewer threats than before the change. Much more positive prospects than before the change.

The corporate management now faces two options: either to grab the bull of change by its horns and this way cast its skin, or alternatively do nothing. Is it enough that we follow the development without taking action ourselves? Other will for sure.

A German philosopher once said "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger".