28.11.2015 - Network company Ericsson has created a report of the succeeders of digital time

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 By 2020 mobile technology is used everywhere in the world. 90 percent of the world's population is in a range of mobile broadband and 70 percent of the population uses a smartphone. Read more about how businesses should prepare themselves for the change in digital time. 

According to network company Ericsson Organizing for change - report digitalization is just now on the desks of every company's board. Simultaneously companies' managements are uninformed on how to prepare for the changes resulted by digitalization. 

According to the report not one company escapes the pressures to change resulted by digitalization. 

The report pieced together eight things that mark the succeeders of digital time

1. Innovation is contiuous

2. The business has understood that permanent competitive advantage doesn't exist anymore. Traditional strengths are not a guarantee of forecoming success.

3. Innovation has a purpose. Customer's view is out first.

4. Value is created on the platform. Working technical platform is critical qualification of success.

5. Decision-making is continous and networked. Those products and servies that are developed on the go and improved straight away after feedback are the ones surviving.

6. Testing never ends.

7. Digitalization requires new areas of knowledge. Development process has to benefit the customer, other communicating devices, open data and platforms. 

8. Own qualifications have to be taken ito notice in the change. Self-evaluation is relevant in succeeding.